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Yes, I Have A Process For It

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I am sitting at a “tech bar” in Terminal 2 at SFO (San Francisco) and decided to write a blog post. Why? Maybe to entertain myself (and hopefully you) while I wait for my flight home to board or maybe because I said I would write more often and have not. In either event, you can let me know what you think.

Before I dive in, I have to say that it is so strange at the airport now. This is my first time traveling by air since March and there are so few people! Going through security, there were more TSA agents than passengers. Now, from my seat, I can see only eight people, and that includes the barista at Peet’s Coffee. I have rarely seen a terminal so empty. The upside is lots of available space and peace. The downside is that there are very few food options and I have to wear my mask the entire time (which makes my glasses fog up).

Why am I at the airport so early? After I checked out of my hotel, I figured I would make my way towards the airport and see if any adventures popped up. However, nothing sparked my interest, so I put on a podcast, made great travel time and found myself here with 2 hours to spare.

My original plan was to grab lunch and get some work done, but I’m in a little funk, so I decided to address a project that has been sitting on the back burner – sorting through Facebook friend requests on my personal account.

Twenty minutes into the project, I realized I have a process! That thought alone made me laugh. If you know me, you are not surprised. Creating processes and structure and is in my blood. It is something I do for my real-life job, but for FB friend requests?

As I started paying more attention to what I do and who I confirm/delete, the “process” became clearer, as did the idea to put it in a chart (of course) and then blog about it.

So here it goes:

Update: I have been informed that the graph is hard to read on a phone, so here it is written out. After sorting through 113 requests today (honestly) I added a couple of points:


  1. Look at person’s name a. If know them, confirm. b. If don't know them, dig deeper.

  2. Look at mutual friends a. If know most of them personally or through a FB group, confirm. b. If don't know any of them, dig deeper.

  3. Look at profile, cover, intro text and photos a. If a musician or member of DS community, or connection is clear, confirm. b. If not, dig deeper i. If every photo contains a man holding a puppy, a flower or is of him shirtless, flexing his muscles - delete. ii. If text under profile pic says "looking for love," "looking for serious relationship" or "lonely" - delete. iii. If photos are mostly of scantily clad women - delete. iv. If every post contains the person requesting friendship plus 87 of their "friends" (in other words, if every post is a tagged and reposted post) - delete. v. If posts are all in a language I don't speak and would have to translate each time I look - delete. I love diversity, but some things are simply too time consuming. vi. If the "works at" is Elvis, U2, Beatles (insert name of any band, but these are common) and it is clear the person is a super fan because every post is of that person/band - delete.

  4. Look at timeline posts a. If posts are interesting, relevant and cover topics of interest, consider confirming. b. If posts are radical, feel "off" or make it clear that we should not/would not be "friends" in real life - delete.

And, that is pretty much my process! I have to say that I have made a few errors in haste. However, I am happy to “unfriend” those folks once I discover the mistake. Social media is a lovely place if you are discerning. I get a lot of enjoyment each time I open the app. But, you have to be cautious or you get negative "stuff" in your feed and life it too short for that.

If you are my FB friend, and you are reading this, know that I am grateful to travel this path with you. Also, I have to confess, I am a little curious about how you handle your friend requests. Care to share?

Have a beautiful day, friends. I will chat with you again soon.



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