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The Adventure Begins

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

[This post was from the "About" section of my Facebook Page in August 2018. It describes my start back into music, so I wanted to share it here for those of you who don't "do" social media.]

For as long as I can remember, I have had lyrics and lyrical melodies flowing through my head. In the early days, I would go out on a run and come back with a song. I remember rushing into my apartment in law school and grabbing a pen and paper to write down a song before it disappeared.

Then life got busy.

Recently, songs started flowing again and I began writing them down. They came in the strangest of ways - one while driving home from Los Angeles, another during a Netflix binge, and a third while walking down my street. It occurred to me that if I didn't do something with these songs, they would simply continue to sit in folders (both physical and on Dropbox). Then one night, I was looking through Facebook and saw a post by an old college friend in which he was sharing a recent song idea. I didn't even know he was a musician! It got me thinking about whether I could find someone to create the music for my songs, so I started researching the idea online.

As fate would have it, I had also recently listened to an Audible Book by Mel Robbins called The 5 Second Rule. My take away was that it is important to follow your instincts and not let fear stop you.

So, with the stars aligned - figuratively - I pushed aside my insecurities and contacted a song production company in New York City. The rest is, as they say, history. I have had a wonderful experience working to publish my songs and can’t wait to see where this adventure leads.


When first wrote this FB section, my attitude was “if something more comes from all of this - great. If not, it is a dream come true to bring my songs to life.” Well, I have an update! Since May, 2018, I have produced and distributed eleven songs! Wow! You can find them on many streaming sites, but I tend to listen on Spotify.

For the tenth song, I was privileged to get to know and work with a kind, guiding and terrifically talented producer in Nashville, Jeff Silverman (Palette Music - Studio -Productions). Not only that, the song, Sunlight Fades, was nominated for a 2019 Hollywood Music In Media Award in the category of Adult Contemporary/AAA. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Stay tuned...

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