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Nick Meets Lonesome George

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

This post was to Facebook, but wanted to share here too since not all my friends are on social media!

Today is Nick's 23rd Birthday!

I was thinking about how to express the impact Nick has had on our lives and realized that sharing his George Thorogood Concert experience from Sunday might speak volumes.

The night didn't start out as smoothly as planned. The clocks had been set back the night before, so George's 9:15pm start time was feeling more like 10:15pm, the crowds were thick and it was loud. Typically, Nick might decide to bail under these circumstances, but he LOVES George and was excited for the concert. So, he rallied - for over 2 hours Nick stood against the stage's rail guard (well, he sat for a portion of that time) - AND THEN, GEORGE APPEARED!

I can't really describe the magic I witnessed when Nick saw one of his favorite singers live and in person and right in front of him. There was Nick, front and center, dishing out such enthusiastic love - a combo of singing, smiling, moving and flashing alternating peace and love signs (sign language) - that George noticed it and noticed Nick.

As they say, the rest was history. Throughout the concert, George made eye contact with Nick, sang to Nick, smiled at Nick and wrapped Nick up in music magic.

About half-way through the concert, George leaned out over the gap between the stage and rail to hand Nick his Destroyers Towel. Nick could hardly reach far enough to grab it, but George wouldn't let anyone else help. He waited, longer than you would expect, for Nick to stretch his arm far enough to take the handoff.

Then, during Bad to the Bone, a song Nick knows particularly well, George leaned out over the gap again and directed his microphone towards Nick for Nick to sing the chorus - which, of course, he did!

We were too involved in witnessing the surprises to catch any of them in pictures. But, the couple behind us were prepared. They saw it coming and got pics of it all. We are so grateful to them because those photos catapult us right back into the House of Blues, right back to the stage and right back to an amazing night with Nick.

But how does this story relate to Nick, his life and his impact on our family? Well, all I can say is that the past 23 years have not always been smooth, they have not always unfolded as expected, but they have always been saturated with enthusiastic love and magic moments.

Happy, happy birthday Nicholas Alan! We love you and cannot wait to see what your 23rd year on this planet brings you. You rock!

Lauren and Nick front and center!

George T. handing Nick (and only Nick) his "Destroyer's towel."

George rocking it (but the lighting is super cool too)!

The mic share during Born to Be Bad!

An extra close up of George!

Special thanks to our new friend and stage buddy Patrick

for getting such awesome shots of the night!

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